Why You Should Choose Turkey?

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As you know, thousands of people travel from the United Kingdom to different countries for health tourism every year. Turkey, which is one of these countries, especially in recent years, doctors and hospitals are preferred primarily because of quality. We will explain in detail why you should choose Turkey.

1- Most of the Turkish doctors have received multiple educations in Europe, attended conferences, became a member of associations and health institutions, received certificates, and reached the level of providing international service. For example; Most of the Turkish plastic surgeons who serve UK patients has EBOPRAS qualification.

2- While having medical education in Turkey, Europe, or the USA, Turkish doctors improved their English skills compared to many other doctors in several countries and have become able to communicate well with their patients.

3- Medical faculty education in Turkey is much more comprehensive and complex compared to many other countries. This difficulty directly increases doctor quality. Many doctors from Europe and the US approve their expertise by participating in education and conferences in Turkey. 
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Some of Turkey's best medical schools: Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine, Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, Ankara University Faculty of Medicine.

4- In Turkey, especially in Istanbul, there are many private hospitals with JCI accreditation. Besides, surgery room equipment has high technology, and sick rooms provide services based on comfort and hygiene. One thing is certain that in many different countries, patient satisfaction cannot be obtained due to the problems caused by the hospital after surgery.

Some of Turkey's best hospitals: Acibadem, Medicana and Memorial.

5- The Turkish Lira is less valuable compared to the Pound due to the difference in exchange rates. That's why surgery costs in Turkey remain below the United Kingdom. Surgery costs are not cheap in Turkey, but Turkey seems more affordable than in the UK because of the currency difference. 
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6- Turkey is a bridge between eastern and western countries. It is also known as the transfer center of many airlines in terms of location. You can easily come to İstanbul from the UK with direct flights and you can choose multiple airline companies. The flight takes approximately 4 hours between Turkey and the United Kingdom.

We tried to inform you by answering the question of why you should prefer Turkey. We hope we were successful. We seem to hear you declaring "I decided to come to Turkey, but why I should prefer Talkurdoctor?" We tried to explain in detail for you on our "Why You Should Choose Talkurdoctor?" page.

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