About Us

Talkurdoctor established in Istanbul, 2020.

Provides free consultancy about accommodation, transfer, and other processes to patient candidates who want to come to Turkey to have surgery from the UK.

There are many websites that provide services to patient candidates from the United Kingdom who want to come to Turkey. However, a clear answer can't be given to the "Best Surgeon?" question, which is one of the biggest concerns of patient candidates.

Since Talkurdoctor managers have been working in the healthcare sector for years, they had the chance to analyze the pre-surgery decision process of patient candidates. As a result of that analysis, it helps patient candidates to find one of the best surgeons with its "Investigation" feature, which is not available on any other platform.

The investigation feature is made by the Talkurdoctor management team with a guarantee of objectivity. Investigates everywhere, where a patient candidate won't observe during his/her investigation. After that investigation, creates a report about the doctor and publishes the report clearly in the doctor's profile.

Also, it provides scientific and free information by publishing contents created by doctors with attribution to the independent medical library Pubmed for medical questions that users are curiously researching on the internet.

Talkurdoctor is on its way to becoming a platform for people living in the UK to visit with the goal of "Finding the Best Surgeon".